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40 Years of Construction Experience. Licensed Since 1987.
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If you dream it, we can build it! Tell us about your dream kitchen, your ideal bathroom or that addition you’ve always wanted… Then we use our experience and expertise to design the perfect remodeling project for you.

Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Home Additions, Disabled Access Remodeling – we do all of these building projects and much more. 

When it’s time to remodel you need a reliable and trustworthy team to make your dream a reality. Our remodeling projects start with your needs. We listen to you, we discuss your options and then we design the remodel you’ve always wanted down to the smallest detail.

Remodeling Services

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Kitchen Remodeling
home additon remodeling
Home Additions
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Commercial Tennat Improvements
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Bathroom Remodeling
room addition remodeling
Room Additions
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Disabled Access Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen project can start many ways. The project could start with ideas about opening up the kitchen space, adding an island or expanding the kitchen to accommodate lifestyle changes. 

Sometimes a remodeling project begins when the homeowner wants to change a part of the kitchen such as: flooring, cabinets, the sink or counter tops. 

Changing a characteristic about the kitchen can start the remodeling process. For example, the homeowner might want to make the kitchen brighter. Discussing new windows for more natural light, new light fixtures or new color schemes to brighten the room can start the remodel process.

Reasons for Kitchen Remodeling

Increase Home Value:
Do you want to increase your home value?
Are you thinking about selling your home?
Would a new kitchen help you sell the home faster?

Lifestyle Changes:
Is your family growing?
Have the kids grown up and moved out?
Do you have a special needs family member?

Use of Space:
Are you frustrated with too little storage?
Do you feel claustrophobic in your kitchen?
Do you need more space to cook?

Outdated Kitchen:
Are your countertops and flooring show years of use?
Do your cabinets look old?
Ready to replace old lighting fixtures?

Unhappy with Style:
Does the kitchen style clash with your style preferences?
Are you constantly noticing things you want to change?
Have you wanted to remodel for a long time?

More Social Time:
Do you want more social time with family and friends?
Is entertaining inconvenient with your kitchen?
Do you want a more social atmosphere in your kitchen?

Overall kitchen remodeling is considered a smart home improvement because it has a great ROI. This means you can likely get a good return on the money you invest in this type of home improvement. Many homeowners can see a considerable percentage of the project cost go directly towards increasing the value of their home.

Another way to gauge your return on investment is satisfaction. Improving the kitchen can make a homeowner happy because it’s a space where you spend a lot of time and it’s important to family life. The kitchen is the place in your house where you see each other during the morning or after a hectic day. There’s a lot going on in your typical kitchen from cooking to socializing. Remodeling this busy household space can give you a lot of satisfaction making you feel good about the investment.

Kitchen Styles to Consider

– Stone counters
– Detailed finishes
– Raised-panel cabinets
– Decorative lighting

– Storage built into walls
– Artistic lighting
– Custom wood cabinets
– Natural earth colors

– Minimalist accessories
– Spacious layout
– Concrete floor and counters
– Neutral colors

– Big pantry
– Large sink
– Shaker cabinets
– Subway tile

– Repurposed materials
– Distressed accessories
– Lots of wood (walls, floor, ceiling)
– Textured stone

– Customized to your specific needs
– Unique just like your personal style

Bathroom Remodeling

Master Bathroom Improvements

Double Vanity: Remodels with two sinks are very popular for many reasons. This increases functionality and creates extra space making everyone using the bathroom happier. It’s important to consider all the essential elements for each sink area such as: lighting, outlets, mirror and storage space.

Freestanding Bathtub: A bathtub in its own space separate from the shower makes any bathroom feel luxurious. A separate tub and shower can be practical as well because it can save time. If you have the space for a freestanding bathtub, it can make your bathroom remodeling project stano out.

Toilet Space or Room: Adding privacy to the toilet area can make a big difference. This is especially true in a home where family members use the bathroom at the same time. Adding a wall separating the toilet from the rest of the bathroom makes the bathroom feel completely different. A door to the toilet area provides more privacy and makes sharing a bathroom more practical.

Upgrade Ideas for Your Bathrooms

Tile Rug: Most bathroom remodels include new floor tile. Make your new floor upgrade unique with a tile rug. A large area tile rug adds texture with patterns so a large tile area doesn’t look so flat. Smaller tile rugs in front of sinks makes the floor more interesting and personal. This upgrade to your floor gives you a chance to incorporate patterns and colors that make your bathroom remodeling project special.

Shower Bench: Adding a shower bench makes your bathroom feel more luxurious. This bathroom upgrade makes your shower safer as well. A shower bench provides more space to easily set down your shampoo, soap or wash cloth without slipping. Often we take showers before rushing off to work or school. But if you have time to enjoy your shower, a bench helps you feel more relaxed and while taking your time.

Shower Window: Shower windows are a popular bathroom remodel upgrade. Adding a shower window brings in natural light making your time in the bathroom more enjoyable. Homeowners love how this upgrade brightens the room and transforms a dark space. When you open the window you can help release humidity and keep the bathroom cleaner. Less humidity in the bathroom after a shower will decrease mildew and mold. Bathroom fans can help, but nothing is better than natural ventilation when the window is open along with an open bathroom door.

Extra Storage: When bathrooms are a mess it can be stressful and slow you down. Extra storage helps keep the bathroom organized so time in the bathroom is more efficient. S adding bathroom storage space in a home with a big family is a smart decision. Recessed shower shelves and recessed medicine cabinets maximize the use of space while adding practical places for storage. Floating cabinets are a great choice, especially in small bathrooms because the floor remains open. Built-in shelves are another excellent way to maximize your bathroom’s potential while gaining more space.

New Lighting: Adding new lighting can make a dramatic change in any bathroom. Lighting improvements are popular because it will transform the mood of the room and increase the functionality of the space. Better lighting above or around mirrors in an obvious upgrade. Installing new light fixtures to the shower is a popular idea as well. A bright shower space is safer and makes the bathroom more functional. Dimmers make it easy to create the perfect atmosphere when it’s time for a relaxing bath. Extra lighting above the toilet and in storage spaces will help transform your bathroom from dark and dingy to bright and cheerful.

Luxury Bathroom Improvements

Fireplace: A hot bath has always been a favorite way to relax. Adding a fireplace to the bathroom makes taking a bath an experience, not just a way to relax. Gas fireplaces have made this luxury bath improvement more realistic. A traditional wood burning fireplace warms a room with heat and charm. But keeping a bathroom clean with firewood, ash and smoke is too much work. Gas fireplaces are cleaner, safer and they have more design flexibility.

Heated Floors: Getting out of the bath or shower and feeling a warm heated floor is definitely a luxury experience. Today’s electric floor systems have an easy-to-use thermostat controller so you can set your perfect temperature. Uniform heating let’s you enjoy the heated floor in every part of the bathroom. A heated floor distributes heat evenly throughout the space so every part of your bathroom more efficiently than a traditional HVAC.

Bigger Bathroom Space: Adding square footage to make your bathroom more spacious will certainly make it feel more luxurious. Big bathrooms make a luxury statement and provide the space needed to create a true dream bathroom. Maybe you’ve always wanted a soaker tub with its own special place or a walk-in shower that’s also a steam room. Adding more space to your bathroom will make major additions feel comfortable, not cramped.

Remodeling home can increase value

Increase Home Value by Remodeling

Home remodeling makes the living space more comfortable and enjoyable for home owners. But that’s not all. Remodeling projects can often increase the value of a home. Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling are two of the top remodel projects that can increase home value while improving your quality of life.


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