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The Design-Build Difference

The traditional process of Design-Bid-Build forces the owner to hire both a Designer and Contractor. After the Designer submits a completed design for the project, the owner will start accepting bids from Contractors to facilitate construction. During this process all the risk is on the owner because there is no contractual obligation between the Designer and Contractor.

Design-Build is different and benefits the property owner. One Project Manager oversees the entire process from start to finish. The Design-Build Project Manager takes sole responsible for every step of the building project from concept to completion.

Design-Build Process

We make construction projects easier for you by managing every step of the building process.

  1. Concept

  2. Design

  3. Engineering

  4. Permitting

  5. Building

  6. Completion


Our Design-Build approach is less stressful for the owner because they aren’t caught in the middle between a Designer and a Contractor. The owner has one point of contact at all times during the Design-Build process. This eliminates many of the problems an owner can experience with the Design-Bid-Build process.

Project Delivery Comparison

Traditional Project Delivery


  • Owner must manage two separate contracts.
  • Designer and Contractor blame each other for issues.
  • Owner is in the middle settling disputes.

Design-Build Project Delivery


  • Owner manages one contract.
  • Project Manager is the single point of responsibility.
  • Designer and Contractor work together as a team.

8 Benefits of Design-Build

One Accountable Manager

One Project Manager oversees the entire Design-Build process from start to finish. One point of contact takes sole responsible for every step of the building project from concept to completion.

Less Stress for Owners

Construction projects are less stressful for owners with Design-Build. The owner isn’t caught in the middle of a separate Designer and Contractor. Owners don’t carry the risk of a project which mean less stress.

More Transparency

With one direct relationship between the Owner and Design-Build Manager there is more transparency. Owners have just one contract and terms with one entity making project administration much easier.

Better Communication

Communication is much better with Design-Build in two ways. First, owners communicate directly with one Manger. Second, everyone on the job works under one Manager who handles both design and construction.

Increased Efficiency

With Design-Build, every step of the project is seamless from concept to completion. There’s no confusion or conflict between a Designer and a Contractor. So construction operations on the job site are more efficient. 

Higher Quality Work

The Design-Build Manager is 100% responsible for every step of a project. Without conflict between a Designer and a Contractor, the planning and execution of plans by one Manager results in higher quality work.

More Team Work

The owner, the Manager and everyone working on the job are all on the same team. Everyone is working together as a team with common goals. There’s no blaming the other guy for an issue with design-build. 

Resolving Issues Faster

Even the best building projects run into potential issues. If the owner or someone on the job has an issue – they talk to one Design-Build Manager. This makes it easier to solve an issue much faster.